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I know what it's like to feel bloated, burned out, and inflammed. I finally got answers and I can help you get answers too.

The Gut Nurse Journey

I spent my entire life in and out of doctor offices only to leave with no answers and feeling even more confused. My health progressively got worse over the years til the point I became disabled and found myself needing a wheelchair. I experienced over 100+ symptoms including hair loss, IBS, gastritis, memory loss, and migraines. I studied to become a Functional Nutritionist to help myself when doctors couldn't. Now, I'm on a mission to help 100,000 people get well naturally.

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Health is Built from the Inside Out

Health is built by addressing the body's underlying stressors, not by silencing symptoms with a pill. 


Unfortunately, many people don't know better and have no idea that symptoms are the result of an underlying problem. Taking pain medicine for migraines, laxatives for constipation, and pills for acid reflux do not address the cause of those problems.

Symptoms are a sign of malfunction in the body. When the root cause of a health problem is discovered and the stressor(s) removed, the body is capable of healing itself in most cases.

Common root causes of symptoms are food sensitivities, parasites, lack of sleep, chronic stress, heavy metal toxicity, toxic mold exposure, and poor diet.

My main goal is to get to the root causes by identifying the stressors overwhelming your body through functional laboratory testing then help you restore function.

Are you ready to feel good?

The Gut Healing Academy

Are you struggling to find answers to your health symptoms? Feeling like crap with little to no help from countless doctors and specialists, just prescriptions. Do you feel like there's no hope? I've been there.

You can take control and heal your body. I can teach you how to identify and eliminate the root-cause contributors to your chronic health symptoms. My goal is to help you feel better and give you the tools you need to maintain lifelong wellness. 






In my signature system, The Gut Healing Academy, there's no more guessing with identifying your health issues. I will do the investigation to find the root causes of your symptoms. I use state of the art functional laboratory testing to identify biochemical and metabolic imbalances that are behind your current symptoms. 

Learn how to restore your body's optimal function through nutrition, high grade supplementation, and lifestyle habits unique to your body's needs.

I've had clients recover from chronic fatigue, overcome IBS, eliminate chronic pain and much more. Whatever your condition, I will guide you through the program every step of the way. We will meet routinely to assess what's working well and pinpoint areas that need further investigation or modification. 

I will give you the tools you need to thrive. You will walk away having the knowledge and tools to maintain your health for a lifetime.


OMG I love Amanda! It’s so easy for her to pinpoint health issues and connect them all together. She helped me get the motivation and confidence that I was missing and taught me how to eat better.

Heather-Cleveland, OH


Ready to fix your gut?


Wake up each morning feeling energized.

Live your life without annoying health symptoms.


Feel confident and sexy in your clothes. 

Contact me 

Alexandria, VA

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