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The Gut Healing Academy

Gut Check-Up


Find out how healthy your gut is with a gut check-up.



  • In-depth pre-call questionnaire assessing hormone balance, strength of immune system, digestion, detoxification (liver & gallbladder), and nervous system

  • 60 minute consultation

  • 2 follow up emails

  • customized protocol to improve your gut

Gut Glow Up

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We will work together to detect and address what's going on in your gut through GI Map gut testing. This test checks for bacteria, fungi, yeast, parasites, and inflammatory markers which may be the root cause for feeling sensitive to certain foods.


What's included?

A 30 minute health and wellness assessment, analysis & evaluation of your GI Map gut stool test results, customized supplement and wellness protocol to eradicate any bugs in your gut and restore a healthy gut, weekly check-ins, suggested meal plans and recipes for gut restoration.


Body Reset

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You haven't felt like yourself in a long time. Doctors can't find what's wrong with you. You need answers and will do what it takes to feel good again.


intake assessment

results and recommendation session, coaching sessions, weekly check-ins, suggested meal plans, access to thousands of healthy recipes, finding the best diet for your body type through a diet type analysis, food sensitivity testing, stress & hormone panel, GI map stool test, leaky gut testing, and more. 

12 week minimum commitment

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