This is for you if want to

...increase energy

...improve digestion

...increase metabolism

...improve mood

This is not for you if think this will solve all of your chronic health conditions. have chronic health conditions are not ready to change your diet or lifestyle.  

The Jumpstart $697

Learn what foods are best for your body's type through a diet type analysis.

90 minute diet and lifestyle consultation (1)

extensive client history and intake

customized back to wellness protocol including nutrition, lifestyle, and supplement recommendations tailored to your body's specific needs

support emails (2)

*diet analysis typing and supplements not included in price


Gut Glow Up $997 $1297

We will work together to detect and address what's going on in your gut through GI Map gut testing. This test checks for bacteria, fungi, yeast, parasites, and inflammatory markers which may be the root cause for feeling sensitive to certain foods. What's included? A 30 minute health and wellness assessment, suggested meal plans, recipes, a 30 minute evaluation of your GI Map gut stool test results, and a customized supplement and wellness protocol to eradicate any bugs in your gut and restore a healthy gut, weekly check-ins, two 30 minute coaching sessions. *price does not include lab test or supplements.


Body Reset $1875 $2475

You haven't felt like yourself in a long time.

Doctors can't find what's wrong with you.

You need answers and will do what it takes to feel good again.

suggested meal plans, recipes, 60 minute intake assessment, 90 minute results and recommendation session, 4-30 minute coaching sessions, weekly check-ins, 12 week minimum commitment. price does not include lab tests or supplements


This is for you if want to

...get to the root cause of your gut issues

...stop the bloating

...stop the diarrhea

...have regular poops with ease


This is not for you if are undergoing chemotherapy are not ready to change your diet or lifestyle  

This is for you if want to...

...feel amazing again​.

...reverse autoimmune disease. without worrying how your body will respond.

...wake up energized and keep that energy all day.

This is not for you if... are not ready to invest in yourself are unwilling to address previous traumas are not ready to change your diet and lifestyle  

Let's Work Together

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